i watched you across the water — i watched you from above

i dreamt you and natalka were standing in my beppe’s back yard. i was flying. i said, “i have to go,” and then flew away. then my lighter dropped out my pocket cuz i was doing a backflip to impress you two. so i flew down and got it.

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i actually want to watch psych. luv u, bud mebe one day for your birthday i will let you stick yr dick in me. mb

i actually want to watch psych. luv u, bud mebe one day for your birthday i will let you stick yr dick in me. mb


in 2008, i got drunk at a house party, on halloween, in winnipeg. i started flirting in the offhand manner i usually do when girls are way better looking than me, or i’m just down on myself, where i kind of verbally abuse a girl while saying extremely nice things. she was dressed like marilyn monroe. the rest of the night, even more drunk, i went around talking to dudes and asking if they were dressed as arthur miller. 

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cuz when yr fifteen + somebody tells you they love you, yr gna believe them.

I’m turning 15 in less then 2 months. I was in a relationship a few months ago with this guy a who only just killed me on the inside. He told me he loved me , he cried for me for the first time in 10 year since his dad past away. Now hes hitting up one of my friends who promised me they would stop talking to him.. Now I can’t trust anyone to meet anyone i date. I also just mostly stopped talking to girls and pretty much only have guy friends now :/

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st joseph’s baby aspirin

girls are so multifaceted. i think that’s the word i want to use. look at her hands. they’re so small. there’s just so many things right about any girl that you don’t even actually have to look — you can just innately tell that no matter what you’re doing with them, you’re doing better than you’d be doing alone. i want to motorboat her. i want her to party with me on a yacht. i want her on my bluenose. i want to schoon her. what a dime piece. 

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the most confusing thing is all the skin on a girl — i’m sure i have just as much of it, but i’ve never actually looked at it as much. why call legs legs when you can call legs gams? what’s going on near her vagina? there’s so much about girls i know and there’s so much that confuses me. is an armpit-job a real thing? it seems like girls’ armpits are invariably shaved, whereas other areas are not so trustworthy. promote this blog to your followers. 

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it’s like — what is she thinking about?

isn’t that like the eternal question? the one whose importance burns most brightly? what are these girls thinking about when they’re on their beds? is she on the phone? with who? with me? why am i never on the phone with girls on their beds? i was on the phone with a girl on her bed once and she masturbated with a glowstick. i think it was green. it wasn’t lit, or anything, it was burnt out. another time, another girl, with a hairbrush that was silver and had a squishy black felt handle. i held that hairbrush once, the only time i went into her bedroom. don’t get any lipstick on the sheets, girl.

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